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Property Development Services

Property Development Services 


We pride ourselves on delivering genuinely exceptional, comprehensive service to our clients from project conception to completion.

Wherever you are in the planning stage of your custom home build, renovation, interior design or residential real estate development.


OwnerDeveloper is able to step in and work with you to conceptualise and realise your dream result...

Exceptional design is born out of innovation and creativity. Exceptional construction requires diligence and attention to detail. Our team of industry professionals delivers this high standard of detail with no exception.


The OwnerDeveloper is strongly dedicated to delivering an extensive and exceptionally tailored Planning and Design service that meticulously prepares the foundation for your real estate property development project. 


Our team, comprising council experts, project managers, architects, and designers, are wholeheartedly committed and boast a profound understanding of both council regulations and market intricacies… 


Additionally, we have experts specialising in NSW Planning Portal, with mastery in over more than 100 NSW Councils, and this knowledge extends to Queensland too. 

Custo Build, Plannin & Design




Years of Establishment


Delivered Building Project





You can have confidence in our capability to turn your property developer aspirations into a vibrant, tangible outcome...


Want to get into residential property development but you are limited to: lack of experience, fear, limited finances? 


At the early stages of your property development journey, you are simply getting the hang of things and to have access to real-world experience and knowledge that can be relied on during these early stages really is the key to success. ​ 


At the end of the day, first-timers apply to everyone; even the OwnerDeveloper Team...


Our passion is about the spread of education and sharing the skills and knowledge that we have gained in the years of property and construction experience. ​ 

Development Mentoring

If you have already embarked on your property development journey or are interested too and are looking for our input on: ​ 


  • Your Development Strategy 

  • Your Feasibility 

  • The Subdivision Process in General Hints/Tips to maximise site acquisition potential 

  • How you can shadow a live subdivision project.  

  • We can consult with you on a one-off basis or an ongoing mentoring arrangement. 

  • We have a passion for sharing our skills and knowledge.

Development Mentoring
Managemen an Developmen Mentor


Our team knows a fantastic project is only as good as its location. An essential element of our residential development model is our site acquisition.

We source profitable sites that are strategically located in the growth area to maximise returns for our partners.


​And we have the ability to source off-market properties with our extensive network

At OwnerDeveloper, we can carry out complete due diligence on every site to mitigate the risks on your investment and profitability return for the project partners.


We have extensive experience working with lending institutions and private investors. We have a good track record of structuring investment partnerships with a profitable outcome for both parties.

OwnerDevelopers collaboration with our Investor Partners on projects through Joint Ventures feature:

  • Low Risk - Fixed rates of return, for example, 10%pa – 25%pa

  • Medium Risk - Percentage based rates of return, for example, 30%-50% of margin on development costs

  • Short Term (3-6 months) Investment

  • Medium Term (12-20 months) Investment


We offer an end-to-end construction and development management service that focuses on delivery.


Our team will clearly outline the project lifecycle, organise all plans and approvals and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

We can assist with all (or just some) of the project phases being:


  • Development Concept/Strategy Briefing

  • Feasibility and Site Analysis

  • Design & Construction

  • Development & Construction Approvals

  • Construction Procurement/Tendering

  • Construction Management

  • Settlement Activities

Aqusition advestors

Joint Venture Partnering:

At OwnerDeveloper, we are all about collaboration and leveraging people’s strengths for a successful outcome for all of those involved.

Our team is familiar with Joint Venture arrangements between landowners, neighbours, capital partners, equity partners & serviceability partners.

Joint Venture arrangements are made to accommodate any kind of property development and are a great education process for beginner developers who are looking for an insulated, risk mitigated environment, surrounded by an experienced development team.


​Is Residential Property Development an interest of yours? See if you meet the criteria below because our team would love to hear from you:

  • You own land with potential for developments.

  • You have a Development site under the Option Agreement.

  • You have untapped Equity or capital looking for reliable investment.

  • You have a site and a DA but no time to manage the Development process.

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