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Property Development Services

Property Development Services 


We take pride in offering exceptional, all-encompassing service to our clients, guiding them from project inception to completion. Whether you're planning a custom home build, renovation, interior design, or residential real estate development, OwnerDeveloper is equipped to collaborate with you at any stage of the process to bring your vision to life.


Outstanding design arises from innovation and creativity, while exceptional construction demands meticulous attention to detail. Our team of industry experts upholds this high standard without compromise.


OwnerDeveloper is fully committed to providing an in-depth and highly customised Planning and Design service that serves as the cornerstone for your real estate development endeavour. Our team, which includes council specialists, project managers, architects, and designers, is deeply dedicated and possesses a comprehensive understanding of both local council regulations and market dynamics.


Moreover, we have specialists well-versed in the NSW Planning Portal, with expertise spanning across more than 100 NSW Councils, and this expertise also extends to Queensland.

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You can have confidence in our capability to turn your property developer aspirations into a vibrant, tangible outcome...


Are you interested in venturing into residential property development but feel hindered by factors like lack of experience, fear, or limited finances?


In the early stages of your property development endeavour, gaining access to real-world experience and knowledge is crucial for success.


Remember, everyone starts as a beginner, including the OwnerDeveloper Team. Our dedication lies in spreading education and sharing the expertise accumulated over years of experience in property and construction.


Whether you're just starting out on your property development journey or seeking guidance on various aspects such as Development Strategy, Feasibility, Subdivision Process, or maximising site acquisition potential, we're here to assist.

Development Mentoring

You can opt for one-time consultations or ongoing mentoring arrangements tailored to your needs. We are passionate about imparting our skills and knowledge to help you succeed in your property development endeavours.

Development Mentoring
Managemen an Developmen Mentor


Our team understands that the success of a remarkable project hinges greatly on its location. A pivotal aspect of our residential development approach is our site acquisition strategy.

We scout for lucrative properties strategically positioned in burgeoning areas to optimize returns for our collaborators. Moreover, leveraging our extensive network, we have the capability to uncover off-market opportunities.

At OwnerDeveloper, we excel in conducting thorough due diligence on each site, effectively minimizing risks for your investment and enhancing profitability for project partners.


With our wealth of experience collaborating with financial institutions and individual investors, we boast a strong history of crafting mutually beneficial investment arrangements.


OwnerDeveloper's partnerships with our Investor Partners in projects via Joint Ventures entail:

  • Low Risk - Fixed rates of return, for example, 10%pa – 25%pa

  • Medium Risk - Percentage based rates of return, for example, 30%-50% of margin on development costs

  • Short Term (3-6 months) Investment

  • Medium Term (12-20 months) Investment


We provide a comprehensive construction and development management service that emphasises efficient delivery.

Our team will meticulously delineate the project's lifecycle, oversee all plans and approvals, and guarantee timely and budget-conscious project completion.

We are equipped to aid in all aspects of the project phases, whether it's the entire process or specific segments, including:


  • Development Concept/Strategy Briefing

  • Feasibility and Site Analysis

  • Design & Construction

  • Development & Construction Approvals

  • Construction Procurement/Tendering

  • Construction Management

  • Settlement Activities

Aqusition advestors

Joint Venture Partnering:

At OwnerDeveloper, we are all about collaboration and leveraging people’s strengths for a successful outcome for all of those involved.

Our team is well-versed in Joint Venture agreements involving landowners, neighbouring parties, capital partners, equity partners, and serviceability partners.

These agreements are tailored to suit various types of property developments and serve as an invaluable learning opportunity for novice developers seeking a secure, risk-mitigated environment under the guidance of an experienced development team.


Interested in Residential Property Development? Check if you fit the criteria below, as our team is eager to connect with you:

  • You own land with potential for developments.

  • You have a Development site under the Option Agreement.

  • You have untapped Equity or capital looking for reliable investment.

  • You have a site and a DA but no time to manage the Development process.

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