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OwnerDeveloper offers Development Services to Home Owners on the East-Coast of Australia; from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane. 

What We Can Offer you

Development briefing:

Planning and design: The planning process and design of your development is critical for the success of your development, it can really make or break the experience for you. We translate your development requirements into a detailed architectural design that meets your feasibility and council requirements.

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Construction Management 

Our team will professionally deliver construction systems from the Design and Build Method to Fixed, Lump and Cost-Plus contract. So comes as no surprise that Owner Developer has accomplished a positive record in managing Residential Property Developments and performing hands-on building and Construction Management Services.


Construction/Development Coaching

First timers apply to everyone, even the OwnerDeveloper team, and it is our passion too spread the education, skills and knowledge that we have gained in the years of property and construction and experience. Whether you have already embarked on your development journey or are interested too and looking for some help we can consult you with one-off basis or an ongoing mentoring basis.

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Investor and Capital Partners 

Investor and Capital Partners: Your assets should be working harder for you, our mentality of creating this is shared with our Investor and Capital Partners. Our collaboration with our Investor Partners on Projects through Joint Ventures feature:

  • Low Risk - Fixed rates of return, for example: 10%pa – 25%pa

  • Medium Risk - Percentage based rates of return, for example, 30%-50% of margin on development costs

  • Short Term (3-6 months) Investment

  • Medium Term (12-20 months) Investment

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Joint Venture 

Property Development is all about collaboration and leveraging people’s strengths for a successful outcome for all of those involved, Joint Venture arrangements are made to accommodate any kind of property development and are a great education process for beginner developers. The team at Owner Developer are familiar with Joint Venture arrangements between land owners, neighbours, capital partners, equity partners and serviceability partners.

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​Site Acquisition, Feasibility and Analysis



15 Minute Strategy Call 
This is for new clients to OwnerDeveloper. 
A 15 minute call to see how OwnerDeveloper can assist, and whether we are a good fit for each other. 


Virtual Inspection/Meeting on Zoom 
This is for new clients to OwnerDeveloper who require free quote/appraisal for their project. A 30 Minute Zoom meeting to discuss or virtually inspect your project, to provide a preliminary appraisal. 


Development/Construction Coaching, Meeting on Zoom 
This is for existing clients to OwnerDeveloper where you can make any enquiry as you wish regarding your current or future project. 


Development/Construction Consultation, Meeting on Zoom

This is for new clients to OwnerDeveloper where you can ask any question or discuss any challenges you may have regarding your development/ construction project and it's *100% money back guaranteed if we don’t provide a satisfactory solution or in an unlikely situation when we can’t assist.

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