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Hey There! 
CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve already completed the most important part of any journey: "you’ve taken the first step". The fact that you’re reading this means you’re ready to achieve success on your next building project.
To book in a consult and claim your project management proposal... simply fill in the form below, you are only a few clicks away!

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Creating opportunities for property owners and investor partners to create wealth through property..


Our design and construction experts work collaboratively to achieve a premium product. We deliver unique and unforgettable projects that respect and enhance their surroundings.


We hand-pick respected industry experts for a streamlined process from inception to completion, with a commitment to excellence of delivery.

As promised... 

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  1. We’re here to get your project completed on time and on budget. Our highly experienced team can assume ownership of all aspects of your project in the most efficient way possible – from Feasibility to Design, Development Application (DA) or CDC to the Construction Certificate (CC) and right through the build process and finally the achievement of the Occupation Certificate (OC). Making sure everyone is accountable for the efficient progression of your project. 

  2. We will save you money. By applying our unique “Wholesale Project Management Strategy” we developed strong relationships with the best building professionals, contractors, and suppliers over the years that we leverage for the best deals on our buying power. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure that optimal and consistent service is delivered to the client day in and day out.

  3. Working with us will reduce your risks. This is a high-stakes game and every project has a certain amount of risk, there’s a lot of money on the line, usually leveraged on debt. But should problems threaten to derail your project, we have a clearly defined plan. This framework facilitates timely decision-making to resolve problems and mitigate potential risks. By monitoring time, costs, and build quality, we minimise variations and reduce project risk. 

  4. We deliver optimal results. We are highly skilled professionals, trained to lead a project from start to finish, on time and on budget. We will analyse your needs and provide the right resources to ensure your deliverable is of the highest standard. 

  5. We act as your trusted advisor. As Project Managers, we integrate all elements of a building project. We serve as your trusted advisor, the single source of responsibility and accountability for project performance throughout the entire journey – taking the stress out of the building process.

  6. We specialise in managing quality custom-build projects. We organise the planning, design, tendering, and construction process. We manage contractor selection and prepare the contracts. Then we manage their performance during construction to ensure a quality outcome. 

  7. We manage the full project life-cycle from concept to completion. We are involved in the entire project scope from the start, helping develop a clear project vision and strategy with the client’s best interests in mind. Our thorough understanding of your requirements and the construction programs are key elements of on-time completion. 

  8. We will help to prevent variation creep. Successful project management controls the flow of a project and keeps team members focused on and working within the original scope of work. 

  9. We manage the Consultants, Authorities & Contractors – so you don’t have to take on that stress.

  10. We take the planning & building stress away from you the Client. With an award-winning team comprised of architects, engineers, builders, development experts, and council specialists, all in collaboration to make sure you have the best possible outcome for your project. It’s this team’s exact knowledge that helps you through this very specialised process. 



“At OwnerDeveloper, there is no middleman; it is you, us, and the goal of Development success” 


We act as your one point of contact throughout the entire process. Put together your team, using our network of trusted industry professionals.


Giving you a time lined profitable return, delivering your project on time and budget

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Relationship management with all parties involved to eliminate friction & stress (minimise courtroom disputes)
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Structural Guarantee (7 years) and Waterproofing Warranty (6 years)
Across the entire development process.
Zero risks of hidden fees or charges! 

Our approach to project management is simple and direct. We ensure your construction stays on time and under budget.


After helping oversee 400+ projects nationally, we’ve developed a 6th sense for this sort of thing.


But everyone is different. For all we know you won’t be impressed with our extensive insider knowledge, or our frictionless management, or even our communicative site managers.


Where we stand head and shoulders above the rest is the “100% Money-Back Guarantee*” we offer.


Yes, you’ve heard it right! And here’s how it works…


Our business is built on managing the entire development challenges for you. We guarantee to be quicker and cheaper than doing it yourself or you will not pay us for our services. 


Yes, if we aren’t quicker and cheaper than if you did this yourself, we will remove our service fee 100%.


We can’t be any fairer than that!


That’s our commitment to you who don’t want jargon. You don’t want to be shouted at onsite by tradesmen. And you don’t want a builder that can’t pull sh*t together.


You know, a good PM can shave off much more than their fees in the design and construction respectively. Great design does not need to cost you more. Great architects or engineers are often more efficient and resourceful. They can make the building 10% smaller and you can spend the savings on good planning, design and execution.  It also saves you time and money during construction.


When people are in the market to buy property they will not remember, nor care or notice if your project was 10% smaller (especially if it feels spacious because it’s efficiently planned) though they will remember how well your project was built and how it made them feel. It’s not spending the most on a construction project that make yours stand out, but getting the best value for your money that counts.


Right now you want to build your dream project without drama. That means no time delays. No explosive budget blowouts. And frictionless contractor management.


We help you bring your dream construction project to life. Without unexpected delays or setbacks. While providing a 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Hidden Costs Of Residential Building | Download Free eBook Now! 

The 'Hidden Costs of Residential Build' and more importantly, how you can minimise them.

Don't get trapped in the 'm2' rate as there are many other elements to consider when it comes to construction costs for your developments. Some costs can be accurately estimated and others are unforeseen; otherwise referred to as ‘Hidden Costs’...


The name isn’t all it seems though, Builder’s aren’t 'hiding' anything from you, but put simply their quote involves all the foreseeable costs included in the project, and it is up to you as the Developer to do the proper due diligence and find out what costs you need to be aware of, so that

you can ask the right questions

and ensure your budgets don’t

blow out.

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custom build and design

We pride ourselves on delivering genuinely exceptional, comprehensive service to our clients from project conception to completion.


At OwnerDeveloper we know a fantastic project is only as good as its location


We offer an end-to-end managed service that focuses on delivery. We clearly outline the project lifecycle, organise all plans and approvals and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.


At OwnerDeveloper, we are all about collaboration and leveraging people’s strengths for a successful outcome for all of those involved.

Investor & Capital partner 

We want to make your assets work harder for you, our mentality of creating this is also shared with our Investor and Capital partners.


Want to be a property developer but you are limited to, lack of experience, fear, limited finances?



100% Transparency During Your Project Using OwnerDeveloper Custom Client Portal

Our unique project management software keeps you informed - and us accountable during your project. 

Log in from your device to access the

project files, forecast, estimating details,

interactive chat, cost sheets, the projects

scoreboard, and the latest updates from

anywhere you have access to the


There's no obligation to check in though

if you don't want to. You have the option

of knowing as much or as little as

you like. You can 'set and forget'

and only check in when you feel

the need, or you can get daily

updates - the choice is yours!​

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Springfield Lakes Landing Circuit 42 ID#






OwnerDeveloper is an Award-winning Property Development firm with industry-recognised capabilities and an unrivaled reputation for delivering superb projects across the in-fill development space. Everything we do is underpinned by an acute understanding of the risk and delivery processes required to create the best possible outcomes.

At OwnerDeveloper we see property development differently; we’ve redefined what development potentially could be… In our view, if you are capitalising on a property, being a Reno job, knockdown rebuild, adding a granny flat, or a full-scale higher-density development, etc, we see it as a strategy of property development. We are always keen to understand your individual needs and work with you and apply our unique “wholesale project management strategy” to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.


To make sure that Property Owners have the opportunity to realise their property’s development potential, without being disadvantaged by lack of time, money, or expertise.


  • We integrate honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our business.

  • We contribute positively to our local communities.

  • We place a high value on minimising our impact on the environment.


We are comprised of a vibrant and motivated team of designers, engineers, builders, development experts, and council specialists. All in collaboration to make sure you have the best possible outcome for your project. It’s this team’s exact knowledge that helps you through this very specialised process to deliver a quality development that stands the test of time.


We measure our success on who develops with us again…and tells the world about it.

We are committed to supporting our reputation through transparency, value, innovation, and always exceeding expectations. We care about the people we work with and uphold our integrity, where our partners choose to continue to work with us.


Father of two, husband, and an absolute passion for property development that he decided to make it his life's work.

OwnerDeveloper is a family-run business that was originally established in 1999 as Bahrami Group Pty Ltd by its founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Adam Bahrami who has delivered over $400 million of building projects Nationally during his career as a licensed builder.

Over our 20-year history, we’ve been hands-on involved across the property spectrum including some of Australia’s finest in-fill development projects.

We’ve honed our skills and developed into an industry-leading property company focused on delivering outstanding project outcomes to a diverse range of clients.

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It’s this wealth of experience on your side, combined with our understanding that each transaction is unique, that gives you a competitive advantage when you appoint OwnerDeveloper.

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